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About The Project

The 'Copyrights and Online Broadcasting Project’ developed in conjunction with the Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey and the AG DOK (German Documentary Organization) aims to develop a tailor made distribution system and analyze the various available options where films can reach their audience through legal channels.

Among the Project's goals: Developing a workable royalty distribution model by analyzing existing EU models, Analyzing the technical requirements for an online broadcasting platform through which works can reach their audience. Also, it is aimed to enrich the digital library of The Association of Documentary Filmmakers with new documentaries and stock footage.

Filmmakers Are Seeking Their Rights

 With the 'Copyrights and Online Broadcasting Project' we have begun the process of developing a royalty distribution system fit for Turkey. The project aims to draw the attention of the film industry and public towards the relationship of film and royalties. With this project, steps will be taken towards establishing an Online Video Publishing platform where film works will reach the viewers through legal channels.

The Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey

The Association of Documentary Filmmakers (BSB) was founded in 1997 to increase the visibility of documentary films, simplify their promotion and to ensure a lasting cultural heritage, The Association who begun as a non-governmental entity is continuing its operations as a professional society.  The BSB which reaches all documentary makers throughout of Turkey with an emphasis on Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir and İzmir is the custodian of a 2500 film archive. With an 'active participation and membership' mantra, the BSB members come from varied backgrounds, independent film makers, musicians, screen writers and animators form the backbone of the membership, university lecturers, TRT and private channel documentary makers are also to be found among the members list.

Civil Society Dialogue Program

 A 2.1 Million Euro budget has been made available for the 16 projects that form the non-governmental dialogue program's media division.  Aside from media promotions having a big role in  showing how EU membership would be profitable for both Turkey and the European Union, the program hosts 39 different projects under its Political criteria section. These projects which will receive a grant of 4.3 million Euros, will focus on subjects such as, human rights, discrimination, democracy and the significance of rule of law. 

For more information on the non-governmental dialogue program please call 0 312 221 6074 or 0 312 2216075. The program's website is: www.siviltoplumdiyalogu.org 

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